Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 10 - My first Near-Death Experience

Mother Nature greeted me well this morning! After eating some steak for breakfast, I decided to walk outside to hunt for some more wood; I'm almost out. Of all the things to happen, a skeleton popped out! It jumped down from the cliff above me; aflame, and it began firing arrows at me. I ran back to my house, grabbed my stone sword, and ran back outside to face it. I dodged an arrow on the way out, ran behind a tree, and planned my attack. I glanced it walking towards me, so I charged; dodging arrows on the way It finally clipped me with one at close range in the leg, but a few swings of my sword ended any hopes of slaying me that it may have had. The bow it used was burnt beyond use, so I simply took some of its bones and limped back to my shelter. Now I'm just sitting here and tending to my wound. I have to go looking for wood tomorrow. I'm almost out. The furnace feels good, the food tastes even better, but it's a wood-hog. I think I may switch it over to a coal-fired furnace, but I have to start a mine of some sorts for that.


  1. Close encounter there by the sounds of it buddy. I'm glad to hear you're okay. It's all fun and games until a skeleton pops out!

  2. I like how you insinuate that a flaming skeleton is something mother nature would greet someone with haha.