Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 8 - More Monsters?

Well I've realized that last night was not simply a dream I had. Today I saw another zombie at about noon, but it was on fire and "died" before it even reached me. I'm guessing they can't be out in the daytime? Where do they come from at night then? I also saw a new kinda of monster. It was green,  it had no arms, and it had the creepiest face I've ever seen. It must not be affected by the time of day, so I have to watch out for that one. I spent all of today looking over my shoulder. I cut down a couple trees, slaughtered a few cows, and I even saw a wild pig on the horizon. Eating the same food day after day is getting old fast. It really makes me wonder how happy those household pets really are...anyways, right now, I'm currently working on the furnace. I'm planning on making it able to provide light and heat, but also make it cook food and maybe a few other things. I cannot wait to have real, cooked food.