Monday, October 17, 2011


It was still raining when I woke up this morning! So I was forced to stay inside; eating my raw poultry and beef when necessary, and start crafting that furnace that I mentioned in one of my earlier entries. It's coming alone very slowly, but I think I have the basic idea of how to do it in mind. But onward to the juicier details: THERE ARE FUCKING MONSTERS EVERYWHERE! After the rain stopped in about the middle of the day, I decided to go outside and explore. I brought my ax for chopping wood, a couple sharpened stones, some torches, and a few scraps of meat. I managed to find some brown mushrooms under a cliff, but then I looked up, and you will not believe what I saw. A zombie. Yes, you read right. It smelled rotten, it looked even more rotten, and it had the most blood-curdling groan I've ever heard. I was frozen, and the thought didn't process until I saw it running towards me. I grabbed my ax, and hit it about sever times before it finally died. It ended up biting my shoulder once, but I don't think I'm turning into a zombie, thank goodness. I sprinted back to my house because it was getting dark outside, and I just sat and thought for...I'm not even sure how long. I thought zombies weren't real? Those were the same eerie noises I've heard the past few nights coming from outside. I need to craft another axe isn't a weapon for fast-moving targets. I think I'll craft a stone sword using what remaining time I have tonight.