Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 3 - Food

I finally got some food. I'm not proud of what I've done, but I couldn't hold it in much longer. At about the middle of the day, I found a wild cow grazing next to a pond. Only seeing steaks, I grabbed the biggest rock that I could find, and bashed it. I just kept hitting it until it was dead, and then I claimed my winnings: sweet, sweet meat. I had no way to cook the meat, so I simply cut off some raw pieces and ate them. You may think it sounds disgusting, but after being lost and hungry like I lose track of wrong and right. Of taste, of control, of everything you never think about in everyday life. I even forgot that I had a life before this. All that mattered was then and there, and I suppose that's still all that matters. Being lost and alone makes you think like this. But in other news, I've started to expand my shelter more. I made a door; hinges and all, that works properly, and I've completely covered the outside of the cave with wood. It makes a very good shelter, but I think I may extend it soon. Right now I'm working on crafting a short sword. A sharp object has to be better than a random blunt one in gathering food.


  1. me of dinner right now!

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  3. Sounds like what happened to my cousin Jeb one time.